Worshiping Srimathi Radharani as Sri Lakshmi Devi

Long time ago Shrimati Radharani had separated from Govinda somehow. And she was in Orissa, being worshipped by one devotee by the name of Brihadbanu who had a relationship with Radharani that she was his daughter. And he would worship her and take care of her just as his daughter. This was the relationship. Like Vrishabhanu, who also of course had that relationship with Srimati Radharani. 

There’s nothing unusual about it. These things exist in the spiritual world. But after he disappeared and gradually the Sevapuja, the deity worship became deteriorated and the local people no longer knew exactly that real nature of this deity. 

They knew the deity to be Laxmi, and so they were worshipping Radharani as Laxmi. So what happened was, the Goswamis they wanted to have Radharanis but they were thinking how to do it. The eldest son of Mahraja Prataparudra whose name is Jagannath Jana, had a dream where the Lord told him to provide a deity for Govinda and said that the Radharani. Actually, Radharani came to him– I believe– and told him, ” I’m in such and such a village and they know me as Laxmi ; but actually I am Radharani. And I want you to send me back to Vrindavan to be with Lord Govinda. 

So, of course Jagannath Jana was so excited that he ran down to that place and saw that the deity the people were worshipping as Mahalaxmi was actually two-handed Radharani. And, so he took the necessary steps in a big ceremony to transport Srimati Radharani to Lord Govinda. And in Vrindavana… Of course there again they were united. Who can express the transcendental joy of their reunion? And all the brajawasis were very ecstatic.

Saturday, August 9, 1980