Work Now, Samadhi later

Don’t think… Chanting is the most difficult thing. It is the most difficult thing to chant with full consciousness, will full attention, with full enthusiasm and not to become distracted. It is most difficult, you see. Just like Prabhupada said, work now, Samadhi later. By doing this preaching, by doing this service, by becoming purified, we get the qualification that we can chant more, we can read more, that we can concentrate more. It doesn’t work the other way. Of course we are all chanting too, but to chant more than 16 rounds a day in the beginning stages is not that productive as engage fully 24 hours a day in constant devotional service, especially in preaching activity. Not only because there’s emergency situation, just like when the house is on fire, that now preaching is most essential and is especially required that even if a person was capable or is capable of chanting even then – one time we were chanting in Calcutta temple we were all chanting 32 rounds and Tamal Krishna Maharaj came and told Prabhupad that Acyutananda Maharaj, Jayapataka and all of them are all chanting 32 rounds and he said if you sit and chant 32 rounds, then who is going to go out and preach? This is my order, you chant 16 rounds and immediately go out and preach, otherwise who is going to do the preaching? Even if we could do the chanting, Prabhupad wasn’t very impressed. Of course not that, these are specifics – particular advice at that moment. There might be other advices for other people in other situations. But he wanted us to go out and establish Krishna consciousness in India. And if we sitting and chanting japa then what’s going to happen? So in that sense Prabhupada, even if a person was capable of chanting, still Prabhupada wanted us that it’s priority to preach. And actually by preaching, what chanting one does do, one can actually appreciate more intensely. So this preaching is something very wonderful. It is a whole science of preaching that this is a special benediction, a special opportunity for us to make very rapid advancement. And.. Especially in kali yuga there are unlimited opportunities to preach. In satya yuga you won’t get that fired up to preach, because here now maya is so obvious and the mercy of Lord Caitanya is so great .
H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1982, Dec, 15 SB @ Honolulu, Hawaii.