What’s the next position?

If you are in a rented house and you get an eviction notice. You have to leave in one month. You can talk to the landlord, “Please give me another two months.” He says, “Alright take two more months.” That is not the real thing, to get two more months in the house. But you want to get the next place where you are going to live, you do not want to be thrown out on the street with nowhere to go. You have to live in some slum or something. “You let me get… where is my next place?” you want to see it is same or better. So everybody is very anxious to somehow or another stretch out the time they can spend in this body. No one is thinking that we have to give it up, what’s the next position after this. You get evicted from your… from your uh, apartment; you want to know where is the next house I am going to stay. Why people are so foolish they don’t think that “I am going to get evicted sooner or later? Let me think about the next house now.” That’s their nonsense. They are working everything for this life, fixing up their apartment, when they know that the rent gets out they have to be kicked out, they are not going to be able to stay, you see. So that way Narada Muni he got the best thing. Naturally if the person owns his own building, that is better than renting. But you can’t own a material body. It’s not yours, it’s given by the material nature. It belongs to the material nature. You are of the spiritual nature, you see. So we can’t own a material body, we can only rent it. We can only live in it temporarily, and then we have to give it up. Because this is not our natural position.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

27 oct, 1982, SB Class