What’s beyond the material world?

Things are very difficult to understand when you are in the material world, whether you are a great sanyasi or pandit or even a demigod, when you are in the material world it’s hard to understand what is beyond the material world, specially if a person is simply speculating, just like upstairs if we hear some noise…Prabhupada gave this example, there may be some…. Some kind of tapping noise, and we are sitting here and we can all take a poll what is that noise. Someone is saying that one of some life members daughter is practising bharat natyam”, and someone can say, “no, someone is washing his clothes.” Someone can say, “no, someone is…the mistri is repairing.” Someone else can say, “no, that some gunda-sunda players… they came upstairs and they are playing dice… dice is hitting.” Like this you can go on speculating. No one can say what… who is saying the right thing. When you go upstairs you find that the ah… some crow is just ah… hitting something. So unless somebody goes up and sees what’s happening and comes down so that way Narada Muni, he is the messenger from Narayana, he goes to the spiritual world, he comes down, he gets instructions from Brahma but he got such a blessing that he can himself go to the spiritual world. And not only that Krishna Himself comes down to give the instruction. So if you want to know what is going on outside of the universe What is the universe, how you know within the universe. You need to know only if you get to know the objective broad viewpoint. Who has that viewpoint but Krishna. You may be a great sanyasi in the material world but that doesn’t give you the vision what’s outside the material world. That vision has to come only by the blessing of the Lord, and that blessing is given not simply by vairagya but is given to those who are devotees.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986, 27th April, SB class @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia