what is the weed and what is the real plant.

what is the weed and what is the real plant. Weed means it looks like a real plant… it’s a plant also, so it looks similar, it’s not necessarily a lot different, it might be a lot different or might even be similar, it’s a plant anyway. So, some of them are a slight different, some of them are really different, just like an oak tree and a piece of grass, same type of living entity: plant, you see, vegetation, but it’s not that completely different, may be in the beginning stages it looks similar, when it’s just like a 3 inches ha… high, but in the end you know it becomes completely different. So how you pull it out in terms of practicality, is by stopping doing that particularly or at least trying to stop. First you isolate what it is, then you work it pulling it out.

H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

26th Dec, 1982 SB class @ Atlanta,