what is the meaning of success?

what is to be successful, but if you have, this, this, this material things, then you are successful, and then it may… you are not going to be happy, you might, you may have a big house, but you know, you may get divorced, you may have, many children but they may all become you know misled… misguided, or you may have this but they all… become very frustrating, and then… you know, so in other words, just to suit this misguided society they have created false standards of success. The Vedic standard is very simple, person should be happy, if you are not happy what is the meaning of success? And happiness for a human being simply on the animalistic level is not going to be a complete happiness, even if temporarily one is… already feels happy or feels somewhat feels some pleasures, but then that pleasure you can get in the animal kingdom, so what’s going to happen is that, yes regress back into the reincarnation, back into the animal kingdom.

So by somehow or another, awakening them to their spiritual identity, to their spiritual uh, future, they these people in this world they are given the best opportunity to come up to so much difficulty to the human species. It’s meant that from here we should go back to Godhead. We should go back to Krishna. This is what every prophet, son of God, holy man, guru, acarya, incarnation throughout the ages has said, that we should return to the kingdom of God, we should become God conscious, we should become purified, we should… you see, but they had to deal with different people in different situations, in different countries, so their specific advices to their followers may have uh, on the fine points diversed, but the goal of uh, being God conscious or going back to God on the ultimate issue. Somewhere in all these religious books, that the human being should become purified and return back to the kingdom of God, that is mentioned somewhere there it’s… it’s the goal, but uh, unfortunately people, they miss the opportunity, so the system of Vedic civilization was geared so that… the whole system of Vedic culture is geared so that the person can ultimately become purified from animalistic, materialistic, life and become elevated to the spiritual platform, can actually go forward, and not go backward, it’s the tamasa ma, jyotir gama, leave the ignorance, leave the darkness, and go into the light, go towards the Absolute Truth. Athatho brahma jijnasa, inquire today, now, at this moment about the Absolute Truth.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 31st May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA