What is the difference between the living body and the dead body?

The difference is that the soul is not there. We are the soul. So when we identify “I am not this body, I am the soul.”, immediately become free from anxiety. As soon as identify with the body we have so many affinities and those affinities bring anxiety and misery. They bring desires which can never be fulfilled fully. As soon as we realize that the body is my machine, it is my automobile. Nobody spends so much money on their automobile and lets the driver starve. First he will feed himself, he’ll have his apartment, then he will spend money on the automobile. There is apriority. A person will not be putting petrol in his car and then he day after day starve and die. No one does that. Only we are doing that we are putting everything on our body but spiritually we are practically dead. In this material life, that is the nature, we don’t know how to be satisfied. So they are working so hard trying to dress the body, clean it, make it enjoy and still they are not satisfied, because the driver is starving, the spirit is starving. So we should know the difference between the spirit and the body. And actually we don’t need this material body, forever. We can use the material body like Narada Muni did, to achieve his spiritual body.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

27 oct, 1982, SB Class