What about the next Life.

In a modern society, everyone is being trained even in the so-called Buddhist and Hindu countries, where people know from their religious culture that we are not this body that we are the atma that we take many births, still everyone is being trained in Indian consciousness, Burmese consciousness, Thai consciousness, Sinhalese, or Srilanka consciousness, like that. They are being trained, even they know that this life they may be a Thai, this life they may be an Indian, this life they may be a Chinese, what about the previous life? What about the next life?

So although, people are professing a certain kind of faith, but in practical life, they are completely identifying only with this body; identifying with this body is not going to bring peace in the world. So therefore you have some nations who are very strong, who are very economically powerful, they feel, “Why should we do anything for the poor nations beyond simply a little charity? As long it doesn’t hurt our interest or as long as it benefits our interest, we can help others.” In this way, there is no way that in the world, you can get an overall feeling of real brotherhood, overall feeling of uh, world peace. This national consciousness rather creates enmity between nations.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

31 Oct, 1982 SB class @ Bangkok, Thailand.