We want the favor of Krishna.

We want people that are social workers. I was uh… The first time I went to Thailand with Rupanuga Prabhu and Balavanta, they went there. They wanted to start a program for ser… the… distributing prasadam to the Cambodian refugees. So we went there. We found that they were already late. They thought… they had… they were months late. There we literally fifty volunteer organizations there from every country, name shape OXFAM, REFAM whatever, SIDA, UNICEF, PERITEX, CARE, just… a flood of them. They begged, they approached them “Please have prasadam distribution for us. We can’t stand this place. We are completely bored. The food here stinks. Meanwhile if you open up a prasadam restaurant we will be very happy.” They all go there, they go there for 3-4 months, they get bored stiff after the first week, and they are just waiting to go back home. When they go back they’re heroes. They’ve served the Cam… But when they are there, they are miserable. But you can see the devotees, when they are distributing prasadam, doing a ratha-yatra, distributing books or their doing preaching they are blissful. They are ecstatic because they are doing it knowing it… directly its pleasing to Krishna, and they have that… developed that Brahminical culture where they actually have compassion for others. Here they have a sentiment as soon as they get there they see the sick people they do it but it’s… they’re just unhappy.

The whole night they just… they want to have their parties, it’s just like it’s some kind of a.. it’s a very strange combination. They have a touch of goodness in them but, because of their not being trained up in Brahminical culture its, uh… its very unnatural for them to maintain that kind of attitude for more than a couple weeks. They have to mix it with a lot of sense gratification, and there’s no sense gratification on the Cambodian border, and therefore they… they want to go back to Bangkok or something… it’s just… it’s a unusual situation. They want to go back to where they came from pretty fast.

So this is what is actually needed.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 28th May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA