We see that many of the dealings of some vaishnavas makes us angry. How can we got out of this situation?

Guru maharaj: Caitanyadev said trnad api suni chena, taror api sahishuna na, amaanina maana dena, kirtaniya sada Hari! We when we see a vaishnava, if they are not acting right, we get angry but we should not be angry. This vaishnava does not behave right then that is not right in the future, but why should we get angry? We should see what good qualities he has. If we have some responsibility to tell him, then we should after glorifying his good quality, ask as a question or give an example and ask, why did you do? Was it right? Can we imbibe this in our life practice? Will it be okay? Ask a question. Questioning is right. If you say in an accusing way, YOU HAVE ACTED THIS WAY! YOU ARE A BAD PERSON! YOU BEHAVED THIS WAY! IS THAT RIGHT? That will not be right. If that is guru, then guru can get angry with disciples. If you see the vaishnava, are you his guru? How can you get angry with him? Just ask a question, I value your association, you are a senior vaishnava, the thing you did, is it right for me to do that? Praise his good quality. So vaishnava does good acts, follow that and don’t follow his bad acts. But he who is doing service to Krishna, they are certainly very dear to Him. But whatever wrong he does, we will not talk about it. Just It has been told about Haridas Thakur. Some people have good conduct but not good preaching, some people do good preaching but not good conduct. But Harida Thakur had both good conduct and did good preaching as well. You try to do that. Some people have good conduct but don’t do preaching. Some do preaching but do not have good conduct. We want both good conduct, be a good example, and good preaching. Haribol!

16th March 2019
Sri Dham Mayapur, India