Vrtrasura got the bigger benediction than Indra

In fact in some cases those demons get liberated. While Indra, all he gets back his heavenly planets, after he dies he may not get liberation. His extension as a trustee of the prison house in a very exalted position has just been extended with privileges. But still he has not been granted. Just instead of having to be behind the bars in the lower planets , He is able to roam around with little freely in the upper offices of the prison house. So actually we see that in the case of Chitraketu when he took rebirth as an asura, according to the curse of mother Parvati , that time he took birth as Vrtrasura. At that time actually he was still Krishna conscious even though he took an appearance as a demon. So actually he was able to achieve pure Krishna consciousness. While Indra was only able to achieve a little bit of security in his Kingdom. So actually Krishna said that it was Vrtrasura who was more blessed. He got the bigger benediction than Indra. So this happened because the demigods are devotees but they are devotees with material desire. Those who have material desires then Krishna reciprocates and gives them a comfortable situation. That is why it is dangerous sometimes that a devotee in the Krishna conscious movement if they become due to some association with fruitive workers, if they become attached with the idea having a very comfortable situation, even if that becomes a predominating desire in their lives, then as a result when they leave their body their desire hasn’t been totally? Transformed into pure devotion then they may get a very comfortable situation as a devotee in heavenly planets. And in fact apparently Srila Prabhupad said that there are many of these disciples who will take birth in the heavenly planets. This is something we have to guard against is to accept whatever Krishna gives not that we artificially take up unnecessary austerities but to accept what comes easily and not become overly preoccupied with simply having a very comfortable situation lest we think of that is the goal of life rather that actually developing our pure love for Krishna.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1985, 1st October, SB class @ Bangalore, India