Vidhura -The spiritual master

Dhratarashtra was a great king, but his younger brother, Vidura, when he saw that, “He is a great king, but he’s… in old age… he is already blind since birth, but on top of that he is coughing, he is wheezing, his teeth are falling out, he is hard of hearing. All the symptoms of impending death are coming. So he came and started to chastise him that, “You are just like a dog, begging from the house of the people who were, who have killed your son. All your teeth are falling out, your hair is turning white, you are going to die at any moment and the last part of your life you are living just like a beggar dog, here at the expense of your younger nephews. Why don’t you go out and perform self-realization?”

In this way, by using harsh words, the spiritual master in the form of Vidura, even though was his younger brother, still he was acting as spiritual master at that moment. He induced Dhratarashtra to give up his false position and to go into the forest and perform meditation, by which he was able to wind up his material activities for this life, and achieve some perfections in yoga. So, in this way each person may have different stages of development; sometimes the person may need to be spoon-fed, so to speak, very gently given some little spiritual advice. Sometimes a person may need a sledgehammer on the head, just like Vidura gave Dhratarashtra.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

31 Oct, 1982 SB class @ Bangkok, Thailand.