very quick stop light

we are making this Walkman tape recorders, so that people, they can constantly listen to via, but even this can be dovetailed, then we constantly listen to the uh, one devotee told me that do sankirtana on the street lights. It says it’s really bliss. You just put the Walkman in your pocket and whole day you are listening to lectures, and you go out to people, meet them up at the… preach to them in their cars. Said you can hear three, four lectures in a day; it’s great. Because it’s a very quick stop light, you meet as many people as possible. But everything, somehow or other you can dovetail it in Krishna consciousness. Just I got a phone call from uh, Thailand, that uh, some life members saw a devotees taking beautiful pictures, uh, during the functions and said that, “If you take a picture of a business function, I will give you 2000 in donation.” This is how much professional photography costs. So then, I didn’t got the donation, so gave out, started keeping up, distributing our books, subsidising at the Bangkok university. And just outside, and never tried this before, subsidising it, just you see that they didn’t try the students, still all the students came and they were flocking around, really appreciating the books that they were published in Thai language, Siamese language. So, sometimes… that person who photographed it, he dovetailed it, used it for book distribution. Whatever he got, I don’t… he used it for book distribution. So in Krishna consciousness we can use so many different things. There’s no limit. I don’t have to tell the American devotees, they know how many things can be dovetailed in Krishna consciousness.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

25th Sep, 1983 SB class @ New York, USA