Use your”Lakshmi” for “preaching”

Lakshmi which we can use for preaching for our programs, for book distribution, which is needed. Not that we are abstract or detached from money. I remember one time Prabhupada said… gave an example that in India there is this one sadhu he collects lakhs of rupees, lot of money, you see, but he won’t personally touch it. He will all put it down in front and he’ll you know, he’ll if they, turn his hand like this away and put on a whole thing. He’ll have his secretaries pick it all up but he will not touch money. So then Prabhupada said that I will not go like this you know and turn my hand, I will go like this, two hands, you give. (laughter) You give as much money you like, because I will use it for Krishna, you see. We are not impersonalists. Actually that impersonalist, what does he need money for? They have no real use for money, still they are collecting money and building temple, even though they are not actually preaching. So it’s ridiculous the whole act they put on. Krishna Consciousness is very straight forward you see. It’s not that we have anything to be shy about. We have every right, we are like tax collectors, we have every right to collect Lakshmi from the hands of materialists and engage it in the hands of… in the service of Krishna.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1982 Dec, 17 SB @ New Orleans, USA.