Unlimited potency of lord Hari

Unlimited potency of Hari

if a President is all powerful, does that mean that he can’t visit his prison house ? Even if this world is a minute fraction of the Lord’s potency, He certainly has the right… we can’t restrict Him, that He can’t come here. So they started to put, although they say that, some say that He is omnipotent, they start to put so many restrictions. And then if because the vedas say, how is He omnipotent?, that He has different expansions, that form of omnipotency that you cannot expand yourself unlimitedly, and each expansion has got the same potential as the other. That is certainly something that is extraordinary, that’s not something that anyone can do. So this is description, this is one of the unlimited potencies of the Lord, one of His great opulences.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986,2nd October, SB class @ New Orleans, USA