Transcend the material mind

The ecstasy one should not become complacent or careless because that is still a preliminary stage of pure love for Godhead. Prema, where one will actually have the realization of Krishna and transcend the material mind is the only position from where it is almost impossible or highly unlikely; I don’t know the exact adjective to use, but you, normally once you get back from the material world in which case you don’t fall down again, the only infallible position as you are actually liberated from the material consciousness, it is considered a completely liberated state. Although this is also liberated, Bhārata Mahārāja would not be getting any karma by his devotional service so in one sense he is also liberated. But if he is careless, if he is inattentive, if he forgets the words of his guru and allows again any kind of material weed or attachment to grow it could at least temporarily hold him up. Of course we know that something like that did happen. Minor delay.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1983, 3rd, October SB Class @ Atlanta, USA