Thought of Krishna’s pastimes

the secret for eradicating all misery in life. There are so many miseries and there are so many cures but the miseries of life have never been completely cured by anyone in this material world. Just like in modern society they are inventing so many new medicines but nature is also coming up with so many new diseases that they cannot keep up. But here an altogether different category of transcending all the sufferings of material miseries is being given. It’s very simple, not at all difficult to do; it’s simply to fill the mind with thoughts of Krishna’s pastimes and activities with the activities and pastimes of Krishna’s pure devotees. Not very difficult yet when it comes to reading every day one hour, two hours, it’s very difficult. Although it is not difficult still somehow or another it seems difficult to find the time. But if someone shows a Newsweek or a daily newspaper on the lap one can destroy one hour or half hour without the bat of an eyelash.

Although it is not very difficult to hear about Krishna we are not in the habit, we are not in the practice of spontaneously hearing about Krishna. When we hear about Krishna, we like it. At that moment we think “I’d rather not think about anything else, why can’t I not be always hearing this nectar?” But then some other time the devotees get into so many other discussions and their minds become disturbed. And from that disturbed mind then one can lose the taste, at least temporarily; of devotional service and all trouble begins. Therefore as the Bhagavat Himself advised us nityam bhagavata sevaya, that daily we should be drinking the nectar of the Bhagavat.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami maharaj

28th March 1983, Gaura Purnima SB class @ Mayapur