There’s a life after death

If someone thinks that at death i am finished they think that I don’t have to be worried about what I do ,I can do anything , if some how or other I escape from being caught then when I die it is finished then no problem but every religion says that there is some punishment or reward after death , a hindu or vedic dharma as well as Buddhism accept the laws of karma and reincarnation and in Christian they say you go to heaven or hell , I think that also in islam they say heaven or hell isn’t it so all the religion says that there is life after death or some sort or another but Andhtamisra mean that we think that there is nothing after death so modern science is often telling people that after death there is nothing we are not against science we are against what some scientists says that there is no life after death which is only unscientific.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1988, 25th December, SB class, @ Butterworth, Malaysia