The Wonderful quality of the lord

Krishna is carrying that shoes of Nanda Maharaj on His head for His father. That is the wonderful quality of the Lord. That’s why also the avatar Krishna-Balaram, has been accepted by great acharyas as the original avatar, because these avatars contains the aspect that even Narayana doesn’t contains, since the original contain all the aspects, otherwise how is it original, it is not complete unless it contains everything. The incarnation of Krishna contains aspects which no other avatar contains. If there is no avatar, there is many things that Krishna Himself doesn’t contain. Therefore they have come to the conclusion that Krishna is the complete form. He is the original form. Om Krishna vai sachidananda gunah Krishna adi purusah Krishna purusotammah In the rig veda it is said that He is the adi purusa.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986, 22nd July, SB class @ Bangalore, India