The wicked world

The vedas say that this energy is eternal. So there are four eternal aspects and there is one temporary aspect. There there is the living entity or the internal Shakti of which the living entity is a part, So this Lord’s internal energy, then there is time… external energy, time and then karma. So the four are eternal but because the time is over, the time is also eternal, but because the time is over the karmas or material temporary activities those activities are temporary, for instance you construct this wooden case here. This case is not eternal. After some time …termites, different things are going to eat it and it’s going to change. This was made by some material activity.
whatever you do, material thing has a beginning, has an end. Nothing is permanent because time factor has it’s toll on all material things but Krishna, the material and spiritual energy, even time itself, these are internal factors but the spiritual energy is above time, the material energy is controlled, it’s effected, the material activities are effected by the time element. So although the material energy is eternal, it’s shape, it’s function, is controlled by time, but the spiritual energy is above time. Therefore in the spiritual world there is no death, there is no old age, there is no… none of the problems that come from the passing of time, those problems only exists here in the material world.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986, 22nd July, SB class @ Bangalore, India