The ultimate summum bonum

The Vedas have told us, “alright, you want to get a wife, you worship ah… to Uma, you want a husband, you worship Siva, you want siddhi you worship Ganesh, you want this you worship this one because they can give that, but then people became bewildered, they think that all the God’s are the same, they don’t understand what is the difference. When the world, when universe gets destroyed then all this positions are vacated, and they return again back inside the body of the Lord, to come out again at again in the new creation. It’s actually… this is why Narada Muni after receiving these instruction from Lord Brahma he personally went and told Vyasa Deva, that the one thing you missed doing is you just glorified Krishna, glorified the supreme person, you have told all about every conceivable path, you have given a totally objective viewpoint but it is so vast that people they are not able to see the whole objectivity of it because you failed to give the central point that if there is one supreme absolute truth and that’s the ultimate summum bonum… that’s the param is Krishna.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986, 22nd July, SB class @ Bangalore, India