The top example of yukta vairagya – Kolavecha Sridhar

the devotee takes some austerity on the behalf of the Lord, the Lord never forgets the devotee. Devotee becomes very dear to Him. So, they say that various devotees who are .. like Sanatan Goswami was a symbol of humility. Das Raghunath was a symbol of austerity. Kolavecha Sridhar is practically the top example of yukta vairagya, independent grihastha who was making his living for giving, the principle of giving 50%. Although Rupa Goswami showed that, practically, but he was after all the finance minister. When he divided his wealth up, he divided up into boat loads of gold. Four boat loads. One boat load, for his family. One boat load, two boat loads for Brahmans and Vaishnavas and Guru. Boat loads of gold in those days, even a boat load of gold today is quite valuable. What to speak of then? He was fabulously wealthy. So someone can say hey, if you give me billions of dollars I will also give 50%, Keep 50%. Someone may say that. So in the other extreme, which is we have, which is legitimate to do. Another example we have Kolavecha Sridhar who practically didn’t even have enough, just barely to live. Not adequately living. But he still maintained that principle. So, like this we find in Lord Chaitanya’s devotees that they live very strictly by principles.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986, 27th April, SB class @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia