The Terrible Time – Transcendental Traits.

The more that you heat up gold, the more that you heat it up and the more it brilliant and pure, lustrous it becomes. The more that you smash sugarcane, the more the sweet juice comes out. The more that you rub sandalwood against the stone, ghristam, ghristam, the more that the sweet scent comes, similarly the sadhus, the more that they’re put under different pressures, the more their transcendental qualities become manifest. The more that the devotees are put in various tests, the more that their transcendental qualities… even after death, these qualities become manifest.
So, in the eternal sequence, sometimes things are going very very opulently, and then sometimes in the material world, they go up, down, up, down, like that, so somehow, if we’re able to never forget Krishna, even in our success and difficulties. It’s a special opportunity when we are in difficulty however, to remember Krishna even more intensely. 

H.H.Jayapataka Swami Maharaj
16, October, 1982 SB.10.9.9 @ Murari Sevaka, USA.