The super soul and the Guru are non different

one first hears from the spiritual master, it won’t be that what he’s speaking is completely new. But it’ll be almost as if we’d heard these things as some intrinsent truth that we can understand very easily, and we get even a confirmation from inside that, “Yes, this makes sense.”, you see. Because the Supersoul and the guru, the spiritual master are non-different. The Supersoul is working from within as caitya-guru, or the guru uh, of the conscience, of the consciousness, and the spiritual master is working from outside to give guidance.

So, the two are to be considered as one, although of course the guru is in the mood as servant of Krishna, and in fact he is the servant of Krishna, but for the disciple, they see that directly Krishna is helping me in the form of guru, so from within and without, then the uh, candidate for liberation is guided until full consciousness of service of Krishna is developed. At that time, then the relationship with the spiritual master is there, but then it becomes much more of… on a friendly level. While before that, it is more on a formal service, reverential level. In the spiritual sky, then even the spiritual master is uh, introducing one into the direct services of Krishna, which are not possible until one is completely free from all material conceptions.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

Nov 15, 1982 SB @ Nepal.