The spiritual master who is very dear to krishna

The mercy of the devotee, one can make very rapid advancement. Even, even if these persons who did not have, proper qualification they also could see Krishna face to face. So what to speak the devotees’ blessing is so powerful that we are always hankering for getting that special mercy. Because the spiritual master, the pure devotees, they are very dear to Krishna. So if they ask Krishna something, then Krishna, He honors that request. Not that Krishna is obliged. He is independent. He can do as He likes. But out of His very friendly and wonderful nature which is unparalleled, He gives that special facility to His devotee. He gives that mercy if the devotee wants something, then Krishna, He often, He fulfils that although He is not obliged to. That’s His wonderful nature. So these two sons of the demigods, they could understand seeing Krishna that this is not just a small boy in Vrindavan. This is the param-brahman. This is the same Supersoul. But He has disguised Himself and this way He is playing for His own purpose. So they all said meditated that “Nobody can understand Who You are, Krishna. But somehow or other, we could understand that in fact You are the Supreme Lord. But uh, You cover Yourself in this way by Your lilas, and we only want to pray that we can now not forget You and we can eternally, engage in Your devotional service.”

Krishna blessed Manigriva and Nalakuvera that “Now you don’t have to fear. You can go back to your father Kuvera and you shall not forget Me in the future.” May be that by their getting mercy of Lord Shiva also somehow they misused that blessing, you see. This is the difference. Sometimes we approach a demigod for some material facility and they give or I will take it, but then we may misuse that facility. Another type of blessing by the brother of Shiva in one sense is that Narada who was manasa putra of Bramha in this creation, although actually he is eternally liberated, so in that sense, he is beyond all these categories. Well he blessed the Kuvera’s sons.

His curse was a blessing that they could get the eternal bhakti, eternal service to Krishna. So that was considered to be a far greater blessing. Shiva ji, he also Lord Shiva give this blessing sometime if somebody ask Shiva that, “Please give me blessing of pure devotional service,” he is very pleased. But normally people are not approaching him for that. They are approaching for some material benedictions, so he very disinterestedly “All right, take it” but the demigods they are also controlled by Krishna in their heart by the Paramatma Vishnu. So what happens is that demigods they are giving the blessing in proportion to the sacrifice and worship of the devotees.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 20th July, SB class @ Chennai, India.