The special Mercy

I got surrounded by a group of evangelists-Christians and tried to discuss about the Personality of Godhead. But then they didn’t want to pin it down, they didn’t want to accept that the Lord has a human like form and could come to this world. They could accept only that Jesus could come to the world, they couldn’t accept that God, the father could come. And in the discussion they would say ‘Well, it’s a mystery. These are things that we don’t know, this increases our faith to know that there are some things we don’t know.’ I said ‘It increases our faith to know many things that are previously unknown about. But they are revealed by Krishna.’ They didn’t like to hear that. So Krishna does reveal Himself, but He reveals Himself to His devotees. This is special, really special mercy.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1990, Jan 1st, SB class, @ New Talavan, USA