The share of Karma

According to karma husband does something, whoever is dependent on him is not responsible for the reactions directly. Because they are dependent, how the person who is supporting them is maintaining them that is his worry. They are dependent, so that means they are not in control of the situation, so how can they be held responsible? You see, if a baby is there and the father is in a job or if he’s a thief, the baby is not telling the father that you be a thief, or… he is just dependent, so that’s the law of karma. So he went back and asked his mother and father, “You are taking the karma?” They said, “Listen, we wanted you to become a doctor or lawyer or something, whatever, you became this, what can we do? We tried to train you up, but.” So whatever they said in that day and place they said appropriately that we tried to train you up but you became a thief, what could we do? Now we are old and invalid. Now we… How could… don’t give us the sin now because when we die then we’ll have to suffer so many things anyway. So we can’t take any share.” Then he asked his children, they wouldn’t take. “We are just children, you brought us in the world, don’t start us off with all this burden. We’re already starting with a fresh life; don’t let us have all these reactions.” They refused. Then he asked his wife, that , “Well, you are my companion for life. You should be grateful; I’m bringing you everything, so you should take the share.” She said, “What do you mean? I have not had a new dress for so long. You never take me out anywhere, we are always in hiding. And, you think I like this kind of life? Why should I take also a share of your karma, I’m already washing your clothes and I’m doing all the work, raising your children. Now you also want me to take a share of your karmas for all the murders you are doing?” Said, “You are nuts.”

was shocked. So then he came back to Narada and said “No one is taking any share. No one is grateful, they all take the money but they are not taking a share of my karma.” So then Narada gave him this chanting of Hare Krsna, he gave him the chanting and said you should chant the name of God. He said I cannot chant any such thing as you are mentioning. I cannot say anything which is to do with anything except for violence and killing, and I cannot speak any type of holy words. He could not even say God. He could not say anything like that, he was so uh, against this idea that he could not say anything about God or Krsna or anything. So then Narada asked him can you chant uh, the uh, word uh,murder.. murder ?

Yes, I can chant ‘murder’ easily. “So you chant ‘Ma Ma Ma’, ‘Kill Kill Kill’, in Sanskrit. You… this is my mantra to you. You go on chanting ‘mara mara mara mara mara mara’”, So, he said, “Yes, I can… I can… I can chant this with great enthusiasm.” (All laughing) “Kill kill kill, mara mara mara mara mara…” But as he is chanting, “mara mara mara”, Narada was so clever that he combined the word that when you chant it in a line, it comes out ma… the… after the first ma, it comes “Ra-ma Ra-ma Ra-ma Ra-ma Ra-ma Ra-ma”, so he was chanting Rama.

Even though he was thinking and chanting “kill kill kill”but the vibration was coming out “Rama Rama Rama Rama”, after the first ma then it was “ma Ra-ma Ra-ma Ra-ma” In this way he became free from all those reactions. It is the power of Krsna’s name, it’s a great secret, we don’t tell people right from the beginning, that how powerful is this name. People they may not believe it and they may say something offensive, so we do not tell them right at the beginning all the secrets about chanting. We just tell them it will make you healthy, happy, whatever. But the actual secret… it will free them, from the modes of nature and influence from karma. It will develop a spiritual body, especially once one surrenders to the spiritual master and takes to chanting without offence then the full effect of the name manifests.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

27 oct, 1982, SB Class