The service is all important

A devotee is more concerned with rendering devotional service than the ecstasies of something which is not the prime impetus. Of course in our neophyte stage we are very interested we like to see because it counteracts and fills our heart with love for Krishna so that the material attractions they have no room anymore. When the heart is completely filled up, when the cup is filled then there is no more room. So for a neophyte of course in the beginning stage they are very interested in achieving ecstasy very quickly so we pray to Lord Nityananda to make us always happy. But then this very advanced stage of prema even the ecstasy it’s for them it’s not as important as the service. The service is all important, pleasing Krishna. And ecstasy comes but if it interferes with his service even that they are feeling uninterested. That shows how selfless the pure devotees are. They are not motivated even by the desire for ecstasy, they are motivated by the desire for pleasing Krishna. We can’t imitate their level but that comes spontaneously.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 13th Sep, SB class @ Bhaktivedanta Manor, London, UK