The secret of Bhakti Yoga

Ambrish Maharaj, in his royal activities, in his private life, throughout his various, stages, he was always engaged in the service of Visnu, of Krishna. Therefore, even a great mystic yogi like Durvasa, who tried to offend him was chastised by the Sudarsana-cakra and he had to personally beg forgiveness from that great King, Maharaja Ambarisa. He said, “I thought you were a grhastha. I thought you were oridinary householder. Now I can see you are great mystic. You are a greater mystic than I am. You are a pure devotee of the Lord.” So, this bhakti-yoga gives the greatest mystic power, even greater than the mystic power achieved by the ordinary yogis who perform the mystic yoga process. So, in this way, we should understand that this secret of bhakti-yoga is the most hidden secret and the king of education, raja-guhyam, raja-vidyam. It’s also the rahasyahyeta uttamam. In so many verses it’s explained how great this process of devotional service is, so we should take it very seriously, chant Hare Krishna, avoid offenses, do our service to Krishna, do our ordinary activities in such a way that they’re ultimately leading us closer and closer to Krishna.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

25 Nov, 1982 SB @ Sri Mayapur Dham.