The Reinforced Faith.

In the material world specially in America, that one of the biggest problem is depression. That everyone suffers depression in one case or another, by death of relative or by business failure or by frustration of this kind… all suffer depression and during the time of depression there is the danger of suicide, danger of violent acts, danger of drug addiction, danger of business further collapse, so many things that are very great. They found… they couldn’t find any devotee who suffered any symptom of depression. This is the actual thing, that because the abhaya caranaravindra re, this fearlessness, when you develop in your relationship with Krishna, you know that He is reciprocating, one devotee can feel that, in many ways. some person may say this is superstition or someone else may say it is imagination, but whatever over a period of time the devotee feels not only personal satisfaction, not only feels a personal peace of mind which is real but they also feel that Krishna is personally reciprocating in various ways and they become fearless. Their faith is reinforced by different things that happen. So in this way, they don’t have depression, whatever reason you can say, they don’t have depression.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986, 22nd July, SB class @ Bangalore, India