The really Selfish person

vimudhatma means is a special… special quality of a foolish like an ass. Especially foolish. That they don’t take the time to really find out their real self-interest. They are not selfish. The really selfish person, or one who really has his real self-interest at heart, is the devotee. He is saving himself, really, but he’s also selfless, because in his absolute world all the contradictions meet, you can be the most selfish person and be the most selfless person, simultaneously on the absolute platform. All the contradictions where they unite, if you have two parallel lines, where they unite, that’s the absolute truth, where everything unites. So, there all the contradictions, they are also uniting.
H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

26th Dec, 1982 SB class @ Atlanta,