The Real happiness

We can go back to the spiritual world in this life time. It is the real purpose of human life. But instead people just imitate other people. They are born in a particular culture, follow particular materialistic religion and just continue to practise it without ever considering that there’s a higher purpose, even though all the religious texts say that there is a spiritual world , there is a kingdom of God, there is a higher place to go to ; that the real happiness is the spiritual happiness. Real love is love for God. So much advice. But people in the material world are conditioned and they don’t pay so much attention to these aspects. So in this way, they actually… gradually day by day , their valuable human life is spoiled. And again they take birth; another conditioned birth.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1987, 13th August, SB class @ Bangkok, Thailand