The real happiness that never ends.

Krishna also may give the devotee family, may give the devotee fame, may give the devotee material things. But devotee takes this as inconsequential. This… Krishna gives it, alright, He gives, if He doesn’t give… they are not worried about that. That it may come, that’s according to our previous karmas we may get something or not. But the devotee already figured it out that this thing is not essential. It I get it, it’s also Krishna’s mercy. He’ll live with it and use that. But, real objective should be how somehow or other get the shelter of Krishna’s lotus feet. Because once you get that shelter, then you never lose that.

The material things, they may come, they may go. Sometime, one may get very good mate. Then suddenly accident there and one is made as a widow or widower. Nobody can say. So many difficulties, someone may get a very nice child. But even at an early age, sometimes children are dying. Then they are feeling very bad. Like king Citraketu had a son and his son died untimely. He was very frustrated. So material happiness means material suffering. We can’t avoid one, because always limit is there, end is there. So the devotee they become detached. “If suffering or happiness comes, then we’ll tolerate. The real thing that I want is to get the shelter of Krishna. Because that is the real happiness and that never ends.”

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 20th July, SB class @ Chennai, India.