The whole function of Krishna as the Paramatma, where basically He’s ju… near an order supplier, He’s very closely connected with the creation and maintanence of the world, this is of course probably the maximum kind of a conception that people have about God, that they think God is simply the creator, or He’s some pow… He’s simply concerned with this material world, and therefore they’re thinking that well, “What’s wrong with God? Why the material world is such a mess, so on and so forth.” They don’t realize that this is not at all His preoccupation, that the real form of the Lord is always enjoying ananda, bliss in the spiritual sky, and that for maintaining the material world, He simply… as a very… as a partial, partial expansion of an expansion that comes in the material world, and He supervises and maintains things that are going on, periodically coming down to reestablish religious principles which are the only thing that He creates any semblance of order in this material world.

Whatever laws that they are regarding morality, regarding honesty, regarding uh, even the crimes, you’ll find that any law which has got any sense at all, they’re all coming from the manu-samhita. They’re all coming from the Vedas. They’re all given by Krishna, and because now you separate it in the modern world, religion, scripture and state, so now the laws are actually becoming more and more ridulous, more and more liberal.

H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

22, Oct 1982, SB Class