The purpose of vedic culture is purifying the soul

Nanda Maharaja, he couldn’t do a big festival, so he said at least do the purificatory rights, somehow or another, even in secret, just… “Okay these are important, I want my son to get the best opportunity, he is thinking that Krishna is an ordinary boy, He needs to be purified.” actually Krishna of course is the supreme personality of Godhead, and this is an intimate pastime with Krishna, so Nanda Maharaja, he is not aware of Krishna’s real identity, that is seen by great realized souls, by the great spiritual masters, but Nanda Maharaja, he is filled with a relationship of love for Krishna as a parent, and he is thinking, just let me do whatever is the best for my son, so he becomes a devotee of God and so on. Does not realize that Krishna is Himself the Lord.

That’s by Krishna’s own arrangement, that when He comes uh, He allows His devotees to elevate with Him in a very intimate, loving way, and if they all the time thought that He was God, then they would be very afraid in dealing with Him, they would be very cautiou… it wouldn’t be very natural, it would be awkward situation, so he sets the scene in this way, but example is given, it gives us an insight what is the purpose of Vedic culture, what is the purpose of Krishna consciousness movement, it’s for purification.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 31st May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA