The purpose of human body, to be in krishna conscious..

It’s so that we don’t simply, end up as a dead soul leaving the dead body and then going into another dead body without any spiritual culture, you see. Dead body is going to be just like on that river side, it’s just going to be… either it’s going to be buried in the ground and it’s eaten by worms, or it’s uh, burned and it becomes ashes, or it’s eaten by dogs and vultures and it becomes excrement, that’s what this body is headed for, what’s this body? This body is the machine of the material nature which is meant… especially the human body to be used to become purified, to purify our consciousness above the body consciousness where we can see the self and see God, where we can actually be Krishna conscious, that is the purpose of the human body. Not, just like the dogs to run around and to enjoy, you know, little bit of frivolous sense gratification

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 31st May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA