The Practical understanding of Bhakti*

Priyavarta is following the orders of his superior authority even he is doing something less exalted he is managing the kingdom, rather than taking sanynas. We may have some doubt. We may express our doubt, ‘If I do this, I may be entangled in material life?’. Lord Brahma said ‘No. You have a blessing. You won’t be entangled. You always think of the lord.’ Someone may present their doubt. If I do this I have this doubt.’ Then some may say, ‘Yes, you are not so strong. Alright. You don’t do that. Do something else’. Or someone may say, ‘No. You can do this.’ Then we should try our best to do it. This is the life of the great soul.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1990, July 22nd, SB class, @ Hyderabad, India