The passionate Prabhupada books

Preach to the ignorant people we can take these teachings Prabhupada has given us. He put all these books, are actually his personal ecstasy. His writing wasn’t like someone who writing and translating, like you hire a translator. Actually his purports were his own personal ecstasy. At the present moment all human society is laboring under the bodily conception. Therefore in the sastras people in this age are referred to as dui pada pashu – 2 legged animals. No one can be happy in a civilization conducted by such animals. Our Krishna Conscious movement is trying to raise fallen human society to the status of spiritual understanding. Prabhupada is writing this in a complete transcendental mood of compassion and ecstasy trying to bring the entire human civilization up.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986,26th August, SB class @ Detroit, USA