The Natural Solution

In Hawaii they had the problem of rats, I think. So they decided to import mongooses to take care of the rats, but the scientist made a mix-up and they realized that the mongooses are day animals and rats are night animals. So the mongooses in the day never saw rats , and when the Hawaiian rats came out at night, they never saw mongooses. So the rat’s good or the mongoose good? The mongoose needs food. So they started eating–no snakes there– chickens and other things. So then they had mongoose problem. There was a suggestion to bring some kind of leopard to kill the mongoose but they thought that it might become another problem.
Always in the world, purely material solution just creates another problem. It just postpones the problem. The real solution has to be an integrated solution which includes the material and spiritual.. all the aspects. Then that is a natural solution.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1988, 31st October, SB class @ Atlanta, USA