The Mercy of Mahaprabhu

Those who were very falsely proud, who were envious of other devotees, who were uh, arrogant, that they thought that, “Well, now I’ve done so much, I can get the mercy of Lord Caitanya.”, that they get cut off. This is something that often devotees don’t realize.

The great souls, like Rupa and Sanatana, they were Prime Ministers. They were powerful ministers in the government. They were fully knowledgeable in the sastra. They would daily hear Bhagavatam, they were so learned. They would go to Lord Caitanya with a straw in their mouth. Lord Caitanya was crying, that… that, “These people are so humble, that… they’re the top people in the whole society. There’s no one more Vaisnava quality, or higher material position than them, but they’re coming just like dogs with the straw, with a piece of grass in their mouths.” He said, “Your humility is making Me cry. It’s crushing Me.”

That is the way… want to get Lord Caitanya’s mercy, you sca… that, “Well, I deserve the mercy of Lord Caitanya, because I’ve done sankirtana for so many years, because I’ve washed so many pots…” this or that. It’s not that we deserve the mercy. We can’t even buy it. You couldn’t… there’s nothing you could do. It’s so valuable. “All we can do… we’re doing service is to please You. There’s no qual… We don’t deserve Your mercy. The only way we can say we deserve it is that, ‘No. We’re the fallen… more fallen than the fallen.’ That is the only avenue that a person takes humility, that ‘I need Your mercy, because You’re more merciful than anyone, and there’s no one who needs it more than me.’”

H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

22, Oct 1982, SB Class