The Mercy of a pure devotees

Nalakuvara and Manigriva, they had been doing bad… they were doing unauthorized activity, what to speak of pious activity? They were doing activity which was completely against the regulative principles for a demigod or for a human being. But in spite of that, Narada Muni, he blessed and they could see Krishna. So because he said that Krishna accepted. What to speak if the devotee is sincerely trying to serve the Lord through the spiritual master and if the spiritual master prays to Krishna, “Please have Your mercy on this fallen soul.” you see, then Krishna very easily delivers that devotee. Therefore we depend more on the mercy of the devotee for spiritual advancement. Then even in our own sadhana or our own practices.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 20th July, SB class @ Chennai, India.