The mahima of Makundas

In fact anything you do with Krishna you come out Just like there are some people and anything you do with them everything comes according to astrological science, there are some people called makundas anything you do with that people comes out to be a total wipeout. In fact if you see them as the first thing when you get up in the morning the rest of the day is supposed to be a total bummer or total kind of a horrible thing. There is a story about you know this , it is kind of off the topic but, it is kind of interesting, it is the kind of Gopal that touches on that one time the King he woke up looked out of his room and just saw beneath his palace there was the house of Gopal. He is a courtier. He looked to him and the very first person he saw that morning when he got up, rubbed his eyes, opened his eyes, there is Gopal in his veranda. And he said you know, “Hello Gopal, how are you?” So then Gopal said,”Maharaj, please accept my namaskar. My obeisances to you. So then, that day the king was being shaved and for the first time his barber cut him. Seventeen years the barber had been shaving him. And that day he got cut. Seventeen years he had never been cut. So then king decided that the very first person I saw today was Gopal. Actually he must be one of this Makundas. Having him in my kingdom is causing so many people misfortune. They are waking up and seeing him and their whole days are being ruined. So I should save all the people from suffering and have him beheaded. So he called Gopal and told him, “You are going to be beheaded.” Gopal said “Why? My Lord! Of course you are the King whatever you want to do no one can argue but could you kindly tell me why?” And then the king said, explained that the barber said “I have never cut anyone ever in the seventeen years. Just today I cut, it is an amazing thing.” So the king explained that this is the thing that has happened. So I have come to the conclusion that you must be a Makunda. So therefore you have to, it is not Mukunda it is Makunda they are different. So therefore, I am going to have you beheaded and save my kingdom from having to have your inauspicious presence. So then Gopal said, “Well then there is someone else who should also get the same fate. I shouldn’t be the only one. There is someone who is a greater Makunda than me.” “Who is that?” ”So, well my Lord, the very first person that I saw today when I woke up was you and I am about to be beheaded. So the king thought, so of course there may be people who create bad influences but the Lord He is just the opposite. Everything that happens with Krishna is all good.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj
1985, October 1st, SB class @ New Talavan, USA