The magnanimous energy

In the Seva svatara Upanishad it states parasa saktir vividhai visuyate – that the Lord has got different energies. Like that Lord Caitanya is Krishna and He has got different energies. Some of these energies write books, like Rupa Sanatana, Ragunatha Bhatta, Ragunatah, Gopal Bhatta and Jiva Gosai – the 6 goswamis. They wrote so many books. There are other energies like Srinivas acarya, they distributed those books. Srinivas Acarya, Narotta das Takur assisted him, Shyamananda Pandit assisted him. They took the books written by the goswamis and they brought those to the eastern part of India. At that time of Bharat in Navadwip; encountered thieves and other problems and they got the books back even after they were stolen and they got books copied and they distributed the books to different pundits; they convinced the pundits that these books are the absolute truth – they give the clearest understanding of the ultimate purpose of the vedas. And after those pundits were convinced of the books, they themselves again continued to expand it. And in this way the movement spread like anything based upon the books.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986,26th August, SB class @ Detroit, USA