The last snare of the illusory energy..

The living entities are never the puruṣas, or the factual enjoyers. As such, the spirit of enjoyment by the living entity in the material world is false. In the material world, the… excuse me, in the spiritual world the living entities are pure in nature, and therefore they are associates in the enjoyment of the Supreme Lord. In the material world the spirit of everyone… the spirit of enjoyment of the living entities by dint of their own actions becomes gradually faded by the laws of nature, and thus the illusory energy dictates in the ear of the conditioned souls to become one with the Lord. This is the last snare of the illusory energy. When the last illusion is also cleared off by the mercy of the Lord, the living entity again becomes reinstated in his original position and thus becomes actually liberated, and for this attainment of liberation from the material clutches, the Lord creates the material world, maintains it for some time, and then again annihilates. The living entities are therefore completely dependent on the mercy of the Lord, and all their so-called enjoyments by scientific improvement are crushed into dust when the Lord desires.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 10th June, SB class, Ekadeshi lecture