The Kirtans of lord Chaitanya

they’d be speculating, and criticizing, and then, one kind of devotee came and he said, “Why do you think they don’t let us in there? What do you think goes on in there. I think we don’t go in there because we are most unfortunate. The most unfortunate. We’re so unfortunate that we are lacking some quality of uh, pure devotion that we’re not allowed in there, and those who are allowed in there, they’re very fortunate.” , you see. “Naw. Come on! They must be doing something.” “Ah, they’re not doing anything except chanting Hare Krishna, and doing the purest activity.” “So, you’re one of them, are you?” Then they would come with some critizism. “Ah, you’re one of them.”

Of course, Krishnadasa… rather, Vrindavandasa Thakura, he describes that even those people are disqualified in terms of being a little envious, still we can appreciate that they’re very glorious because they were able to at least stand out the door, and hear the kirtan, you see, which is a lot more than you see, many a lot more than a lot of souls can say, you see. We didn’t have that opportunity of uh, standing outside even the door, what to speak of going in. So, at least they’re able to walk by and hear, sometimes, the kirtans of Lord Caitanya.

H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

22, Oct 1982, SB Class