The karma fact..

One devotee in 1966, had a job driving mink coats from the godown to the store… from the warehouse to the store, Prabhupada told him to give up the job, because we don’t want to be engaged in anything to do with slaughtering or killing of animals, including transporting though you are just a truck driver. It is not good because, anything until the final product used by the end user, everything from the trapping, killing, all the way up is, implicated.

When I joined the movement and then went to Montreal, we did book distribution, we got a notice from our land lord, we’d have to pay the rent or get out or something. So Prabhupada was there, he is the… he didn’t have a green card that time, and his visa had expired, so he was waiting. The temples in America were applying for the green card so he could come and visit them. So I got a job in the A & W coffee shop, even though my previous family was rich or whatever, but I needed some kind of a job, somehow I got a job there, and they… they told Prabhupada that “He has to uh, clean up.” I was just a clean up. I was just a cleanup boy. I took the job for a month or something… just to pull the temple through, and some bhakta and uh, he is a cleanup boy and he cleans up you know, the used plates after they finish which, you know contains uh, you know, meat and things, hamburgers or whatever, so… or Prabhupada said, “Well, that’s after they have already eaten, so person who kills, who sells, who raises, the cows sells to the slaughter house, transports it, kills it, transports the meat, cooks the meat and then finally the person eats it. So that’s already after the act, there is no karma in that. A blind uncle is better than none.” That’s what he said that, better they have a blind uncle than no uncle, so that time we needed the money, so better they have a bad job than no job and that wasn’t… was after the karma fact, so now the devotees are very fortunate, they don’t have to work in such hellish conditions.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 31st May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA