The interested intimate circle

Anyone who’s intelligent, they know there’s no use in envying the trusted person of the Lord, because if you do that, simply it means that you are untrustworthy, that you are not qualified to come into the intimate circle. That means you must have some ulterior motive. Because a truly trusted person is only going to act on the interest of the Lord, and you want some other interest, therefore, you are… you are angry at him. If your interest is also the Lords, you are very happy that, “Oh, such a good person is serving the Lord. Now, finally uh, some uh, nice service can be done to the Lord.” Because interest is one. Therefore, you also become admitted. “Alright. You’re also in… in the intimate circle.” So, this service to Krishna is actually the most confidential secret.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

Nov 15, 1982 SB @ Nepal.