The illusioned intoxication*

People when they are in illusion they want to know , so many times we hear people say that “don’t want to chant Hare Krishna” because if we chant Hare Krishna I may have I may have to give up something material , they don’t think that if some one chanting hare Krishna they give up something material like taking meat or intoxication this is because they are happy without those things so why should they do it , the real goal is to be happy but due to illusion they become attached they think that the real goal is to eat meat and to to take intoxication , to take drugs they think this is happiness so they don’t have open mind , no body is forcing to devotees to do anything but by chanting.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1988, 25th December, SB class, @ Butterworth, Malaysia