The holy name is so powerful

the holy name of Krishna is so powerful that it can destroy any amount of sinful reactions. Any amount, you see. Ajamila was a great sinner. He had been a brahmana in his youth. He had done Visnu-puja, but he gave up his family. He gave up his se… his position in society. Instead, he married a prostitute and he became a thief, and he was robbing and murdering people. He was a great sinner. He had ten children, however and his youngest child’s name was Narayana. So, he was always calling out on his son, “Narayana, Narayana, come here.” When he would eat, Narayana would eat with him. When he would drink, he would call Narayana to sit down and drink with him. In this way, unconsciously, by repeating the name, “Narayana. Narayana.” He was becoming purified.

Finally when he was dying, his son was playing nearby, small boy. And the three Yamadutas came. He saw three people with ugly faces and black bodies and muscles all over and teeth with ropes in their hand and they were coming to drag him away to Yamaraja, the lord of death. When he saw that, he became so afraid. He started to call on his son, “Narayana Narayana Narayana!”

When he called like that so loudly in complete anxiety, there was no aparadha, there was no offense to Narayana. Immediately, three, four Visnudutas came, messangers of Visnu, and they protected him from these Yamadutas. Why? Because he had chanted the name of Narayana without any offense, you see. So, this offense… there are ten offenses to the holy name. It says if one chants without offense, then one immediately gets freed from all the sinful reactions, but one should be very careful not to chant the holy name in order to enjoy sense gratification, in order to perform more sinful activities. If one chants to facilitate more sinful activities, then that chanting will be delayed. Chanting must act, but it will be delayed very far in the future.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

25 Nov, 1982 SB @ Sri Mayapur Dham.