*The greater insight*

We are trained to help people who are having bad days. So, this is our special duty. . Then one person said; “Whole my life I was working to be able to show my mother a good future, to cheer my mother, but my mother died. So what’s the use? I am working so hard, just for my mother, my mother is no more. So what am I working for? So today is a very bad day for me. The worst day.” So then he started to show Bhagavad Gita, show the verses, show “This is what life is. Your mother is still living. But her soul is going on. You should take this book. This will give you a greater insight to what is life and how to relieve our anxieties.”

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1990, July 22nd, SB class, @ Hyderabad, India